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karl marx's Journal
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Friday, October 17th, 2008
11:59 am
Global crisis sends east Germans flocking to Marx

BERLIN (Reuters) - Two decades after the Berlin Wall fell, communism's founding father Karl Marx is back in vogue in eastern Germany -- thanks to the global financial crisis.

His 1867 critical analysis of capitalism, "Das Kapital," has risen from the publishing graveyard to become an improbable best-seller for academic publisher Karl-Dietz-Verlag.

"Everyone thought there would never ever again be any demand for 'Das Kapital'," managing director Joern Schuetrumpf told Reuters after selling 1,500 copies so far this year, triple the number sold in all of 2007 and a 100-fold increase since 1990.

"Even bankers and managers are now reading 'Das Kapital' to try to understand what they've been doing to us. Marx is definitely 'in' right now," Schuetrumpf said.

The revival of Marx's treatise reflects a broader rejection of capitalism by many in eastern Germany, a communist country until 1989 and now racked by high unemployment and poverty.

A month of intense financial turmoil has toppled banks in the United States and forced a series of government bailouts in Germany and elsewhere, reinforcing anti-capitalist sentiment.

Chancellor Angela Merkel -- herself an easterner -- unveiled a 500 billion euro financial rescue package this week, a move decried as a reward for irresponsible bankers.

A recent survey found 52 percent of eastern Germans believe the free market economy is "unsuitable" and 43 percent said they wanted socialism rather than capitalism, findings confirmed in interviews with dozens of ordinary easterners.

"We read about the 'horrors of capitalism' in school. They really got that right. Karl Marx was spot on," said Thomas Pivitt, a 46-year-old IT worker from east Berlin.

"I had a pretty good life before the Wall fell," he added. "No one worried about money because money didn't really matter. You had a job even if you didn't want one. The communist idea wasn't all that bad."


Unemployment in the former communist east is 14 percent, double western levels, and wages are significantly lower. Millions of jobs were lost after reunification. Many eastern factories were bought by western competitors and shut down.

"I thought communism was s ---- but capitalism is even worse," said Hermann Haibel, a 76-year old retired blacksmith, who was strolling near Alexanderplatz in the heart of old East Berlin.

"The free market is brutal. The capitalist wants to squeeze out more, more, more," he said.

Free market hopes were high in the east when Chancellor Helmut Kohl promised "flourishing landscapes."

But while some areas on the outskirts of Berlin, in Leipzig and along the Baltic shore are thriving, much of the rest suffers from depopulation and high unemployment.

The opposition Left party, which traces its roots to Erich Honecker's SED party, has capitalized on the frustration and become the east's most popular party with support of 30 percent.

"I don't think capitalism is the right system for us," said Monika Weber, a 46-year-old city clerk.

"The distribution of wealth is unfair. We're seeing that now. The little people like me are going to have to pay for this financial mess with higher taxes because of greedy bankers."

Like many other east Germans, Ralf Wulff said he was delighted about the fall of the Berlin Wall and to see capitalism replace communism. But the euphoria was ephemeral.

"It took just a few weeks to realize what the free market economy was all about," said Wulff. "It's rampant materialism and exploitation. Human beings get lost. We didn't have the material comforts but communism still had a lot going for it."

But not everyone condemned capitalism. Astrid Gerber was a master tailor in East Berlin before her company was shut down.

"It was my dream job," said Gerber, 42. She was unemployed for seven years, then opened up a newsstand but gave it up after her family disintegrated due to her 90-hour work week.

Thursday, April 20th, 2006
9:09 am
MayDay coming up!
In Europe, after the powerful protests in France, there's going to be a transeuropean First of May mobilization, EUROMAYDAY:

In the U.S., there seems to be many very interesting processes going on as well, not least this one:

Let's all join for revolutionary mayday parades worldwide!!!
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
3:19 pm
Carnival of Socialism
X-posted across leftist communities.

The Carnival of Socialists is begun! This Blog Carnival will highlight a few of the best examples of Socialist blog construction each fortnight.

Link to http://community.livejournal.com/crnvl_socialism/
or http://xanga.com/carnivalofsocialism/

For more information, visit sites on our blogroll or email camusfan@msn.com.


Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
9:29 pm
If any of you would like to read up on any of Marx's poetry there is a lot of it right here.


P.S. Don't let this community die out!
Sunday, November 16th, 2003
2:08 pm
Frederic Jameson's argument on the fall/success of communism
I'm sitting here at my school's library and I'm studying for an exam that covers the "fall" of communism and I was wondering if anyone else has read Frederic Jameson's "Five Thesis on Actually Existing Marxism". If you have I was wondering if anyone had any comments on his argument that the fall of Soviet communism was actually the result of the success of communism

Current Mood: productive
Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
5:49 pm
hi, so, i need to have a second, and more formal, draft for my marx class this coming monday, and i kind of have a general idea of what i would like to write about, but it's jumbled and i have no resources in mind yet. i would love any suggestions folks might have as to books/authors/ways to unjumble my topic. here's what i just emailed to the professor:

i'm interested in writing about how and why marx sees capitalism as inherently crisis-ridden and unstable. i think someone in class also asked about marx and current globalization, and investigating what it means that capitalism is constantly needing to expand to new markets and further exploit old ones. i'm interested in the recent financial collapses in asia and latin america but i'm not sure how appropriate it is for this particular project to focus on contemporary events.

i'm thinking i will base most of my paper on Capital, but i still need to have several outside sources and i need to take up 20 pages.
Friday, September 19th, 2003
9:58 pm
There are those who would say that Communism, Socialism, and Marxism because it goes contrary to human nature.

Well, in that case, doesn't everything about modern, Western society also go against human nature?

Are we not wired to be bloodthirsty? So why have laws against murder? Is it not hardwired in my brain to kill my fellow man? Is it not hardwired into me to slay my competitors, to rend them apart and spill his blood upon the earth? Yet...I don't. I control my "human nature" and am better for it.

Are men not hardwired to seek power and sex? So why laws against rape? Is it not my human nature to ravish women, to do with them as I please? To steal away from them what is their's and take it rightfully as mine? Yet...I don't. I control my "human nature" and respect women as human beings and don't even partake in "mild" sexual harassment.

As a human, am I not hardwired to acquire things by force? Am I not compelled by my human nature to become a brigand and thug? Am I not compelled to beat and torture and maim to get what I want? Why have laws against such robbery? Is it not my human nature to do that? Yet...I don't. My "human nature" makes such thoughts repugnant.

So, why is it so alien to people to not subdue avarice? Don't we already control our other parts of "human nature"? Can't we dismantle such greed as we have dismantled urges to kill, to rape, to rob? Shouldn't it actually be easier to dismantle once a truly Communist government gets underway, as people can acquire what they want and need?

I mean, look at the web today. Yeah, a lot of sites are becoming pay sites, but Linux and Unix are still being used by people on a relatively widespread basis. Peer-to-peer file-sharing services have barely been harmed by the RIAA's rabid lawsuits. We already have a sort of communism in a very widespread way on earth. If it can work on the web, why not in the "real world"?

Why is it that people believe "human nature" is so hard to overcome? Have we not done it before? Why can it not be achieved again?

(x-posted to socialists, marxism, noncapitalists, cpusa)
Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
11:46 pm
Should things like THIS be banned from livejournal?
Saturday, October 26th, 2002
9:45 pm
tell me welcome
Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
12:53 am
Is it acceptable for a communist to be a stoner? Or do you have to be a smack head?

Current Mood: worried
Saturday, July 27th, 2002
6:57 pm
Just a reminder:

#MarxChat on DALnet

Looking for more discussions and people to make them

feel free to join in

you can join the Java client through the following link or you may use an IRC client such as www.mirc.com and /join #marxchat on the DALnet server.

thanks, hope to see you there.

Sunday, June 30th, 2002
12:01 am
Tuesday, June 25th, 2002
10:38 pm
Almost done reading Naomi Klein's *No Logo*
anyone else read this book?
anyone have any views to share?

Monday, March 4th, 2002
11:46 pm
Wednesday the 6th #Marxchat on DALnet meeting regarding September 11th and American Politics
We will be having a meeting in #MarxChat regarding September 11th and American politics that surround the many issues. I welcome all to come in and will be setting up a few speakers. We will try to have the meeting from 3:00-6:00pm 7:00-10:00pm and 10:00-until everyone leaves, this is on Pacific Standard Time but usually we have enough people all around the Day to have day long meetings so feel free to come in at anytime. We work on all time zones as well so we have many differnt people from all around the world to come in. Please just check us out if you haven't been on yet and tell us what you think. We will also be talking about other topics if this one doesn't interest you. We branch off quite a bit but many think that Sept 11 and the following domino effect is an Issue that is important enough to put on our agenda. For the people more local to BC many would also like to talk about the latest Liberal actions and the recent rally in Victoria the other weekend. Thank you very much hope to see you soon.

You can come right into the room by clicking on this following link: http://www.communist-party.ca/english/chat/chat4.html or by using www.mirc.com and going onto DALnet, if you have any problems just e-mail me at cyberknigel@shaw.ca :
Wednesday, February 6th, 2002
1:39 pm
Thursday, December 27th, 2001
3:54 pm
#MarxChat on DALnet
If anyone is bored today come in and join #MarxChat on DALnet we're expecting a few more youths to our discussions. We will also be having a longer meeting time. Please come in and say hi, if you can't stay for long at least give me some contact info so that I can let you know of our next meetings.

Wednesday, December 12th, 2001
9:29 pm
#MarxChat on DALnet
I've set up a new IRC room on DALnet for Communist/Marxist/Leninist discussion and chats the room is called #MarxChat please come in and see what it's all about. This room was set up for the CPC(Communist Party of Canada) but anyone with interest may come in and share thoughts or just listen. If you don't use www.mirc.com then join the new chat link below. please do not come in if your are just going to bash people or start problems. This is for intelligent and constructive chat. If your coming in to start problems you'll just be kicked and banned.

Friday, July 6th, 2001
11:53 am
pop shit
Well...it looks like we need something to spark conversation...
My main reason for saying that democracy is crap is that by popular decision, things like britney spears, N' Sync, and Eminem are popular. If this is what popular decision tells us is good in terms of music, how can we go by popular decision to get a leader? This also explains why bill clinton and Dubbya were elected...the country is full of utter fools... Because of this problem, i think a dictator should be appointedby people who, unlike the majority of the nation, have an IQ greater than -50. After that, we could equally distribute all of the work out among the idiots of the nation. This would also put an end to greedy bastards like bill gates taking over an industry and fucking up the entire software industry. Anyway, just some thoughts of mine...

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, July 4th, 2001
10:55 pm
First post
Hello...I am the creator of the community...I am a huge supporter of communism, and if there is anything people would like to discuss regarding this wonderful type of government I would suggest doing that here. If you would like to personally chat with me, I am shadow1548 on AIM.

Current Mood: contemplative
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